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The Company ISMB

Integrated Structural Dynamics, Measurement and Analysis

ISMB unites a competent and experienced team of engineers and scientists from different disciplines. We pay special attention to a close interaction between simulation and measurement. This enables us to reliably solve even very challenging tasks. ISMB is therefore considered a leading service partner for vibration, acoustics, thermal analysis and CFD.

Use the competence of our team for the following tasks:

  • product development with the focus on vibrations, acoustics and thermal design
  • product optimization regarding vibrations, acoustics and thermal behavior
  • optimization of production processes
  • conception and realization of test stands
  • quality assurance
  • user support and consulting

ISMB works amongst others with customers from:

  • aviation and aerospace
  • automotive engineering and drive technology
  • medical technology
  • electrical engineering, power engineering and process engineering
  • machine construction and machine tool construction
  • marine engineering
  • plant construction and power plant construction
  • turbine construction and compressor construction
  • environmental technology


Bernd R Dautermann und Dr Michael Elbs 2
In 1994 Bernd R. Dautermann founded the engineering office ISMB Dautermann, which was transferred to the ISMB Dautermann GmbH in 2000.

Dr. Michael Elbs joined the company in 1998. After the retirement of Bernd R. Dautermann in January 2020 Dr. Michael Elbs took over the management of the ISMB Elbs GmbH continuing the successful business of ISMB.

The ISMB team is pleased to share its more than 25 years of experience in the fields of vibrations, acoustics, fatigue, thermal analysis and CFD for future projects.


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