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Vibro Acoustics

Vibro-Acoustics is the link between mechanical vibrations and acoustics. It permits the simulation of coupled and uncoupled structural / fluid systems. We simulate:

  • interior noise and exterior noise
  • sound radiation: sound pressure, sound velocity, sound intensity, sound power, sound emission
  • interaction between interior acoustics, structure borne noise and airborne noise
  • durability of liquid-conducting mechanical components (cavitations)
  • acoustical transfer paths (noise path analysis)
  • sensibility of mechanical components with respect to noise excitation

For these simulations we mainly use the Vibro-Acoustics software VA One.

We provide proposals for design changes to reduce sound emission, to minimize interior or exterior noise, to avoid undesired sound paths and to reduce the mechanical stresses.

Teaser Vibroakustik

epicyclic gear unit




squeaking disk brake


AES analysis


exterior noise behavior


pass-by noise

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