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Vibration Analysis

For the analysis of dynamic systems we apply various experimental and numerical methods like:

  • experimental and numerical modal analysis as well as their correlation
  • simulation and measurement of operating vibrations, operating deflection shapes (ODS)
  • structural durability
  • rotor dynamics and orbit analysis
  • simulation and analysis of nonlinear vibrations, analysis of dynamic stability, self-synchronization
  • signal analysis of stationary and transient vibration quantities, spectral analysis, order analysis, envelope analysis, Cepstrum analysis, wavelet analysis
  • control-engineering design of dynamic systems

For the optimal dynamic design of your components, assemblies, machines or equipments, we apply one or more of these methods, adjusted to your specific task.


diaphragm couplings


rotor dynamics




spur gearbox


dynamic vibration absorber


automatic gearbox


vibration positioner


oscillating conveyor


human vibration


cabin vibrations


mobile crane


spindle drive


positioning motor


CFRP drive shaft


analysis methods measurement data


glass polishing


mobile crane


squeaking disk brake


chain brake


electric car drive unit

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