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News Thermalanalyse IC Heizplatte

Thermal Analysis

IC-tempering: Layout of a heating plate

During the operating test of ICs, the temperature should be kept as constant as possible. For this purpose, the ICs are thermally contacted to a heating plate, which is flown by air with adjustable inlet temperature.

Before building up a first prototype, an optimum design of the flow channels within the heating plate could be determined by simulation. The thermal analysis gives information on the achievable homogeneity, controllability and inertia of the system.

The simulations consider:
• thermal conduction, convection and radiation
• fluid dynamics and pressure loss within the flow channels
• stationary as well as transient events

The design was optimized simulating the thermal behavior. The optimum result for temperature homogeneity is applying both halves of the heating plate with independent helical flow channels.

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