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News Thermalanalyse Brennwertgeraet

Thermal Analysis

Thermal and mechanical optimizations of condensing heat exchangers

State-of-the-art condensing heat exchangers are characterized by high efficiency, high reliability and low costs. We simulate the relevant physical variables like pressure loss, temperature distributions, heat flux and thermal efficiency. As an example, the figure shows the temperature distribution for the heat transfer studs flown by flue gas.

The simulation considers:
• Thermal conduction, convection and radiation
• Fluid dynamics and pressure loss of flue gas and water
• Mechanical stresses caused by temperature gradients
• Stationary as well as transient events

The results give reliable information concerning the optimizing potential of condensing heat exchangers. Design modifications are derived from the simulations and verified by tests.

We offer support in designing your products. We optimize the performance, enhance the reliability, minimize development time and reduce production costs.

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