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Vibration Analysis

Design of a dynamic vibration absorber for a machining centre

Depending on the tool position, high vibration magnitudes were observed at the spindle of a machining centre. These vibrations are caused by resonances which are excited by the residual unbalance of the spindle and the operation of the tool. To increase the quality of the machining process, ISMB analyzed the source of the vibrations and presented suitable optimization recommendations.

We analyze and solve such vibration tasks applying
• Successively build up FEA models
• Correlation with experimental modal analysis
• Simulation of structural responses applying given excitations
• Correlation with operational vibration measurements
• Simulation of structural responses of the structure including the recommended optimization measures
• Verification measurements of the structure including the recommended optimization measures

In the current case the vibration magnitudes of the spindle significantly decreased by applying suitable local stiffening measures and constructional optimizations. The optimization measures are chosen such a way that on one hand the natural frequencies of most shapes are increased above the main operating range of the spindle. On the other hand the sensitivities of the remaining shapes according to the appearing excitations were reduced.

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