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News Schwingungsanalyse Analysemethoden

Vibration Analysis

Analysis methods for measurement data

For the detailed analysis of measurement data, we apply various methods each individually adapted to specific applications. Possible measured variables are structural accelerations, displacements, strain and stress components, sound pressure levels, driving torques, forces, rotational speeds or temperatures.

Time series data of these quantities are recorded and analyzed applying one or several of the following methods:

• Spectral analysis: auto spectra, transfer functions, phase relation, coherence functions
• Waterfall diagrams and sonograms in order to analyze the time-development or the speed-dependence of spectra
• Order analysis, Campbell diagrams, order functions, Vold-Kalman filtering and re-sampling
• Wavelet analysis
• Deriving the speed from analogue or TTL signals; alternatively: using suitable vibration signals to extract the rotation speed
• Envelope analysis, Hilbert transformation
• Cepstrum analysis
• Displaying operating deflection shapes for trace line models
• Expanding measured shapes to FEA models
• Low-, high- or band-pass filtering of measurement data
• Orbit analysis of vibrating rotor systems

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