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We implement vibration tests even for your most challenging tasks. Use our resources, which we perfectly tailor to your needs.

Measurement methods

  • general vibration measurements
  • conception and implementation of common measurements up to complex measurements – even at extreme conditions
  • experimental modal analysis (EMA), ground vibration tests
  • operational vibration measurements of structural accelerations, relative displacements, sound pressure, driving power, rotation speed or temperatures
  • conception and implementation of vibration tests, design of suitable adapters
  • static and dynamic load tests

For the detailed analysis of measurement data, we apply various methods each individually adapted to the specific application.

Analysis methods for measurement data

  • spectral analysis: auto spectra, transfer functions with phase relation, coherence functions, transfer path analysis (TPA)
  • waterfall diagrams or sonograms in order to analyze the time-development or the speed-dependence of spectra
  • order analysis, Campbell diagrams, order functions, Vold-Kalman filtering and re-sampling
  • wavelet analysis
  • deriving the speed from analogue or TTL signals; alternatively: use suitable vibration signals to extract the rotation speed profile
  • envelope analysis, Hilbert transformation
  • cepstrum analysis
  • displaying operating deflection shapes (ODS) for trace line models
  • expanding measured shapes to FEA models
  • low-pass, high-pass or band-pass filtering of measurement data
  • orbit analysis of vibrating rotor systems
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