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ISMB is your partner for Integrated Structural Dynamics, Measurements and Analysis


Solving challenging tasks in structural dynamics often requires interaction between various disciplines.


We offer interdisciplinary services for structural dynamical, acoustic and thermal analysis.


During the product development process or for failure analysis, we work out the most suitable and optimal solution.


Operational stability

Operational stability of a loading feeder

Vibration Analysis

Structure borne noise of a spur gearbox

Thermal Analysis

Thermal and mechanical optimizations of condensing heat exchangers

We analyze and optimize the mechanical, acoustical and thermal performance of your products by the targeted use of state-of-the-art simulation and measurement methods.

For solving your tasks we offer the following simulation services:
Finite element analysis (FEA), vibration analysis, numerical modal analysis and correlation with test results, forced response analysis, structural durability, rigid-body dynamics, multi-body simulations (MBS), nonlinear vibration, acoustics, vibro-acoustics, air borne noise, structure borne noise, thermal analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), convection, heat conduction, heat radiation, strength analysis, rotor dynamics, customer-specific simulation programs

In addition we offer the following measurements:
vibration measurements, experimental modal analysis (EMA), vibration tests, mechanical vibrations, time-series analysis, signal analysis of transient events, spectral analysis, transfer functions, frequency response functions (FRF), order analysis, waterfall diagrams, sonograms, Campbell-diagrams, order slices, wavelet analysis, envelope analysis, Cepstrum analysis, operating deflection shapes (ODS), static and dynamic load tests

Our areas of focus in consultation and support are:
Consultation and realization of integrated measuring systems, the choice of suitable sensors, measuring front-ends, software and computer systems for standardized or specific measuring tasks. Additionally we offer seminars and training courses designed to your needs.

Our know-how – your solution:
During the product development process or for failure analysis - we always work out the most suitable and optimal solution. Thereby you sustainably improve the quality and reliability of your products, shorten development times and reduce development costs.

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